Project: OCOM

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Portland, Oregon — 2011


StarConserve was responsible for placement and finishing of the slab on grades, and topping slab on each floor of the five-floor sustainable rehab construction project involving the historic Portland Globe Hotel/Import Plaza Building in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Working with the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Beam Development, and LGC Pence, this challenging work required Star to negotiate concrete finishing equipment through and around an existing structure with all the posts, stairwells, and much rebar. The thickness of the floors ranged from 1.5" to 3.5" which was rolling and required constant adjustment to even out the concrete so that floors appeared to be flat. In addition to StarConserve’s great work in pouring and leveling the concrete floors, Star insisted that the mix design be changed to smaller aggregate mix which allowed the polished concrete floors to come out so beautiful that the concrete polisher commented that ‘the floors were the flattest’ he had ever worked on.

This assessment is a significant compliment to StarConserve’s work considering the floors are not flat but gauged to allow for old building irregularities. StarConserve made a significant, top notch contribution to the entirety of the building refurbishment and we very pleased with the look and quality of the concrete floors and other concrete work Star completed for this project. "

~ Shelley M. Stump
Planning, Operations, and Assessment Officer
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

The Mission of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine is to: Transform health care by educating highly skilled and compassionate practitioners, providing exemplary patient care, and engaging in innovative research within a community of service and healing.