Project: Willamette River Bridge – Construction

Willamette River Bridge Interstate 5

Oregon Department of Transportation, Eugene, Oregon – 2010-2014


"The I-5 Willamette River Bridge Project consists of the demolition and reconstruction of both the Northbound and Southbound Willamette River Bridges in Eugene, Oregon. As one of the many Subcontractors, Star Construction was first brought onto the project in 2010, to install coping for multiple retaining walls throughout the site. As newcomers to this scope of work, Star managed to meet the schedule and became increasingly proficient, as they progressed from the installation of the first retaining wall to the last. Their Superintendent worked through tough issues and the crew gained confidence each day. By the time that they had completed their coping work, they had a good forming system in place and were able to set a reliable concrete pour schedule.

"For Star’s second scope of work, the F Rail installation, there was a similar learning experience. As they worked through the setup and installation of the rail, they began to perform with confidence and produce a quality product. They had a great attitude toward the project safety requirements and responded immediately to requests for additional safety measures. They wrote comprehensive job hazard analyses, and made sure that the crew was involved in the step by step planning of both their daily work and safety procedures. With all these factors, Star was successful in completing all their work contracted to date.

"We are looking forward to Star’s return to our project."

~ Kim Shelby, Document Control Manager,
Willamette River Bridge Project, Slayden Construction Group, Inc.

“Without reservation, I look forward to working with Star Construction Services because of our satisfaction with their quality work and attention to detail. They performed on schedule and within budget as a contractor on ODOT’s signature Willamette River Bridge Project during the years 2010 through 2014.”

~ Karl D. Wieseke, Construction Project Manager, Willamette River Bridge, Department of Transportation – Major Projects Branch